Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade at Bigfork Elementary School!


This year we are using a new math curriculum called Bridges.  The students really enjoy the hands-on aspect of the work places and the daily number corner activities.  Above are some pictures of the 2nd graders doing work places.  Work places are games and other hands-on activities where students apply the concepts they have learned during the math lessons.

Learn more about the math and reading curriculums used at Bigfork Elementary, and about how student academic growth is assessed. 


Second Grade Supply List - 2022-2023

Your student will need the following supplies. Please label all of your supplies!

1 set colored pencils
1 watercolor paints
2 large pink erasers
2 pkgs of dry erase Expo markers
1 box crayons
2 boxes Ticonderoga pencils
1 pkg pencil top erasers
1 set washable markers
1 glue bottle
1 pencil box
2 large glue sticks
2 boxes of tissue
2-1 subject wide rule spiral notebooks
1 pair scissors
2 pocket folders
1 pair of headphones or earbuds
2 boxes of nonperishable snack
Water bottle- labeled with name
Backpack- labeled with name
Non marking gym shoes labeled with name
Boys: 1 box gallon size baggies Girls: 1 box sandwich size baggies

Second Grade Teachers

Jennifer Gustavson
Second Grade
Ashley Herriott
Second Grade
Julie Inabnit
Second Grade