Bigfork School District 38


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Tom Stack
Mark Hansen
High School Principal
Charlie Appleby
Middle School Principal
Brenda Clarke
Elementary School Principal
Ginny Kirby
Administrative Assistant
Roger Vanlandingham
Director of Food Services
Shannon Appleby
8th Grade English
Jana Barrett
Third Grade
Bruce Bench
Food Services & Custodial
Jim Benn
Middle School Spanish, MS Technology
Hans Bodenhamer
HS Science Teacher
Julie Bonner
K-8 Librarian
David Boswell
Amber Britt
HS Art
Jodi Carter
HS Math
Mindy Castruita
K-12 Life Skills Teacher
Sharman Chabot
Elementary Special Education Paraprofessional
Zach Christiansen
HS Social Studies
Susan Cleverley
Rte 11 Bus Driver
Thad Clock
Rte 10 Bus Driver
Collin Clock
Rte 13 Bus Driver
Richalle Close
Instructional Paraprofessional
Tannar Cummings
HS Science
Crystal Dahlman
Tamara Douglas
Food Services
Krystal Dusenberry
Rte 17 Bus Driver
Logan Epperly
Fourth Grade
Heather Epperly
Elementary Art & Music, Cheerleading Coach
Bronson Ericksen
MS Social Studies
Emily Feller
Cheerleading Coach
Mandy Fausett
First Grade
Josh Feller
HS Math
Elizabeth Fetterhoff
6th grade English/Language Arts, Personal Finance, Best Self, and MS RTI
Donna Fink
Instructional Paraprofessional
Kassidy Fisher
Elementary Special Education Teacher
Jenny Foley
Instructional Paraprofessional
Derek Ford
Mental Health Technician
Kerry Ford
LCPC, Mental Health Therapist
Rob Ford
MS English
Amy Gembala
Special Education Aide - Life Skills
Alyssa Grekoff, RN
School Health Liaison
Mary Guffin
Fourth Grade
Erik Gustavson
First Grade
Jennifer Gustavson
Second Grade
Bob Hand
Rte 12 Bus Driver
Angie Hansen
Speech & Language Pathologist
Jeannie Hayes
Patti Henderson
Substitute Bus Driver
Ashley Herriott
First Grade
Erik Heuchert
MS Choir and Drama
Suzanne Hines
HS Spanish
John Hollow
Business Educator, High School Boys Basketball Coach
Kecia House
MS and HS Art teacher
Mary Kay Hovland
Josh Inabnit
LCPC, Mental Health Therapist
Julie Inabnit
Second Grade
Lou Jessop
Senior English, Wood Shop, Building Trades
Laura Johnson
6th Grade Reading & Social Studies
Jessica Johnson
MS Math
Hunter Johnson
MS Physical Education
Karen Johnston
Middle School SPED Paraeducator
Cole Jones
HS Math, Drivers Education Instructor
Adam Jordt
HS Health, Physical Education
Aubrie Kallenberger
Jennifer Knopik, RN
School Nurse
Brenda Koch
Special Education Paraprofessional
Kelly Leisinger
Second Grade
Sue Loeffler
Track Coach
Marvin Loftin
Bus Mechanic
Bridget Martel
Fifth Grade
Tanya McAnally
K-5 Computers
Mike McGill
Jessica McGinnis
K-5 Physical Education
Erin Melzer
Lifeskills Paraprofessional
Marissa Meyer
Fifth Grade
James Meyer
HS Auto Shop, Physics
Christine Minemyer
Elementary Special Education Paraprofessional
Samantha Modderman
Physical Therapist (PT)
Jill Morley
Third Grade
Amber Mulder
Instructional Paraprofessional
Solveig Munson
HS Counselor
Christina Nadeau
HS English
Ryan Nollan
School Psychologist
Erica Person
Rte 18 Bus Driver
Shelley Peters
Food Services
Brian Phillips
MS/HS Band Teacher
Brandon Piazzola
MS Physical Education
Joe Pitts
Fifth Grade
Shauna Pitts
Fifth Grade
Karen Pogachar
Middle School Science
Lacey Porrovecchio
Business Clerk/Manager
Matt Porrovecchio
Athletic Director, Special Education Director
Jill Reichner
HS Family and Consumer Sciences
Andrea Rossman
K-4th Grade Counselor
Aleisha Rust
MS Sped Paraprofessional, School Garden Lead and BYC Cheer Coach
Joy Schlegel
Caleb Seeton
Freshman English
Robin Shanks
HS ISS/Paraprofessional
Erin Shea
MS Math
Scarlett Sherman
HS Library Media Specialist
Annmari Sikon
HS English
Ariel Stallknecht
Varsity Volleyball Coach
Shirley Stine
HS SPED Paraprofessional
Jane Sundell
Third grade
Sandra Swede
Instructional Paraprofessional, Web & Social Media
Stormy Taylor
HS Social Studies
Jeremy Taylor
Network Technician
Rheanna Taylor
Occupational Therapist
TJ Thompson
Rte 16 Bus Driver
Leanne Tillmann
HS Special Education
Rob Tracy
Rte 14 Bus Driver
Cindi Tranel
Instructional Paraprofessional
Amber Tyrone
Special Education
Elise Van Valkenburg
Middle School Science
Shannon Varner
High School Secretary
Carol Venegas
Elementary/Middle School Secretary
Tabatha Venezio
Fourth Grade
Jo Waddell
Danny Walker
Transportation Director
Alison Wallen
Juanita Wiley
Elementary Special Education Paraprofessional
Cynthia Wilondek
HS Social Studies
Karly Wisher
Alicia Woldstad
Life Skills Aide
Jennifer Wood
5th - 8th Grade Counselor
Tony Wood
Amber Yoder
Accounts Payable
Lauren Young