Bigfork School District 38


Transportation Department Mission Statement

To be an extension of the school by providing safe, enjoyable and timely transportation to and from school and with event travel. Transportation strongly encourages interaction of students with each other. This is one of the few opportunities during the day where
students ranging from kindergarten thru 12th grade gather together. Politeness for each other, care for school property and setting good examples by riders is our key goal.

Student registration is mandatory, however if you were registered last year, you don’t have to register again unless you have changed your physical address. If you are not sure please check the Power School parent portal to see if your son or daughter is registered.

Transportation by school bus is not mandatory. This service is provided for those who wish to ride under the terms and guidelines established by the school laws of Montana and school district policy. The safety and well being of your children is our primary concern. All our bus drivers and transportation personnel are committed to providing a safe and efficient ride to and from school each day.

All school buses travel established and approved routes. Bus stops are established at designated locations. It is not possible to provide a bus stop at every street or doorstep. All school bus drivers must be qualified and must perform their duties as stipulated by Montana School Laws, the Montana Office of Public Instruction, and the U.S. Dept of Transportation. All drivers also receive continuous in-service training on the safe methods of operating a school bus and safely transporting students.

If you have any questions about service or times, or any other concerns, contact Transportation Director Danny Walker.

Transportation Staff

Susan Cleverley
Rte 11 Bus Driver
Thad Clock
Rte 10 Bus Driver
Collin Clock
Rte 13 Bus Driver
Krystal Dusenberry
Rte 17 Bus Driver
Bob Hand
Rte 12 Bus Driver
Patti Henderson
Substitute Bus Driver
Marvin Loftin
Bus Mechanic
Erica Person
Rte 18 Bus Driver
TJ Thompson
Rte 16 Bus Driver
Rob Tracy
Rte 14 Bus Driver
Danny Walker
Transportation Director