Welcome to the Middle School Science Department!

6th Grade Science

Read the lesson plan for 6th grade Earth Science (pdf).

7th Grade Science

Course Description: Basic scientific vocabulary, reading and writing will be expanded. This course introduces a variety of topics ranging from the study of living things to environmental problems including cells, classification, heredity, evolution and ecosystems. A special emphasis will be placed on students doing the work of investigation, as well as reading, discussing and resolving biologically related issues and topics. Read full year plan for 7th grade science (pdf).


8th Grade Science

Course Description: This course will provide foundational understanding of chemistry and physics. Students will explore physical and chemical properties of matter, the atom and periodic table, bonding, chemical reactions and energy forms. The course emphasizes scientific thinking as a way of understanding the natural phenomena that surround us. The course content is grouped into smaller topics to increase retention and expand opportunities for assessment. For physics, the topics of study include motion, forces, energy, Newton’s Laws, waves, electricity and magnetism. It includes real and virtual lab exercises and gives students the skills to discuss a number of scientific topics, understand how science is used in their daily lives, and become comfortable with solving simple algebraic expressions that support scientific laws. Read full year plan for 8th grade science (pdf).

Mrs. Van Valkenburg’s 7th graders dissecting flowers and frogs. 

Science Teachers

Karen Pogachar
Middle School Science
Elise Van Valkenburg
Middle School Science