Drivers Education

Summer 2024 drivers ed class is full. Fill out form below to be placed on the waitlist.

Welcome and thank you for choosing Bigfork Traffic Education.

Below is some general information. If you have any questions please call the high school office.

A couple of things to keep in mind before the mandatory parent meeting, which will be mailed out prior to the meeting, are the requirements and times of class meetings. This will be covered at the parent meeting, but also posted here so you can make the decision of whether or not this is the right class or time of the year for you and your student. There is a google form to sign up below, this is how you will sign up for driver’s education. The Fall, Winter and Spring courses have room for 19 students. Summer class can usually take about 24.

Things to keep in mind:

1. Your student/students need to be the legal age of 14 ½ years old by the time the State written TELL exam is given. The TELL stands for “Traffic Education Learners License”. This test is given out three weeks into class.

2. The parent meeting is mandatory and counts as 1 contact day towards the state requirements.

3. All classes will run Monday-Friday from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm and drives will follow from 6:30-8:30 pm. Drives will also take place on Saturdays between 8am- 5pm

4. The class runs usually around 5 to 6 weeks with times changing as the class winds down.

5. The state has mandated 25 contact days, 42 classroom hours, 6 hours of behind the wheel, 18 hours of observation. This is the reason  why it takes 5-6 weeks to complete the course. If your child is in sports this may not be a good time for traffic education. Please sign up for the appropriate class where you child may be present for every class.

6. When it comes to obtaining your TELL, within 6 months your student needs to have 50 hours of supervised driving with any licensed adult over the age of 18. 10 of these hours need to be at night. Restricted hours are from 11 pm to 5 am.

7. Please remember to bring with you to the parent meeting a copy of the students birth certificate and social security number so it can be put on the application.

Bigfork Students will have first priority for the classes.  Any students out of district will be on the waiting list and added to the class if an opening comes available.


New classes will be posted as they are scheduled and will be open for immediate enrollment. Once the class is full, any additional registrants will be placed on the waitlist. 
**Students who are on the waitlist for a drivers ed class will not be automatically rolled into a later class.  You may sign up for multiple classes.**
Payments must be paid prior to the parent meeting and can be dropped off at the HS office.

Traffic Education Instructor

Cole Jones
HS Math, Drivers Education Instructor