Bigfork School District 38

Student Assistance Program -- K-6 Support Groups

Hummers Broken Heart:  Helping children cope with parental separation and divorce.

Focus 1-2-3:  Helping students impacted by attention deficit disorder.

Positively Hungry You:  Self-image and building a healthy relationship with food.

Tears of the Dove:  Grief and loss group for children experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Loving Me, Loving You:  Teaching children compassion and responsibility.

Life Skills:  100 activities on self-esteem, friendship, communication and problem solving.

Bullies and Victims – Rebuilding a sense of self:  A two part manual with eight activities assisting the bully in change and eight activities caring for the victim.

If you would like your child to attend one of the above groups, please contact Andrea Rossman (K-4) or Jennifer Wood (5-6)